Significance of logo ! everyone Should know about it.

What comes first in your mind when you think for a sport shoes? Swoosh icon, logo  of American sportswear designer and retailer Nike. When we passing through a road, we recognize all the cars with brand logo. When we shopping at General store picked up your favorite one from the trunk of similar product, because of Brand logo. How many of us know Arial & Tide are not the competitor, In fact they are product of same Brand “P&G”.

So crux is that customer don’t connect with the brand. They directly connect with the designs. Logo is the first & important part of designing. If you are thinking for branding, you can’t compromise with logo. Everyone knows what logo design is. We are surrounded by many logos.

What is Logo Designing?

We can define Logo as symbol is an identifying element of your brand. Logo design is the simplest visual representation of your business possible. Since logo is the first thing new customers will see, every business should take a good care of it. Your logo design builds trust and brand recognition & makes you stand out from the competition. When looking at your own logo design, few things keep in mind.

  • Logo should be Simple, the simpler is the better.
  • Your logo design must be Memorable.
  • Logo should be Versatile to fit in every platform.
  • Timelessness in a logo design is

At Fingers Miracle we understand the importance of logo designing. View our logo gallery to know more about our work: