Aaj Dando se Mar, Kal Kandho pe Bhar ! Middle class peoples of India

Since the corona virus began spreading across the world, we’ve learned a lot about it. People are getting panic day by day, even I! But we can’t do anything, Only one thing can be done by us that is “Stay at home”. And also this will be the responsibility of police man to forcefully sending back the people, who are roaming here and there casually.

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The economy of the world is on crisis. When the whole world is suffer how can we escape. Who will most affected with it, “Middle class” people. Upper can be affected with it, but that will be probably their monitory loss only. Lower class don’t care for it bcoz till now they don’t understand the severity of the problem. Goverment come up with so many schemes for them, it’s good, good for them. What about middle class?

At this moment, the middle class is the sole pillar holding up the economy of the country. It is their savings that are financing the government(in term of Taxes), says NR Bhanumurthy, professor at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP). In this period of lock down, when middle class people salary will be cutting down & small business payments are on hold till don’t know, it gonna be tough for us. Thanks to P Chidambaram ji in your “Suggests 10-Point Plan” we got a single point, that Banks should be instructed to extend the date for any kind of EMI payment until 30 June 2020. Now it’s over to you Modiji whether we get extension or not.

But Rukna nahi hai Dosto, Darna nahi hai Dosto. Hum harenge nahi, kyunki Kaam karenge. Hum kaam karenge, aur jyada kaam karenge.

Aaj badhta Corona hai to Kal Badhta Bharat Hoga. 

Aaj Dando se mar ho raha hai (keeping them inside), Kal hamare kandho pe bhar hoga.

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